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Proverbs 25:2 It is the glory of God to conceal things, but it is the glory of kings to search things out.

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Reputation are fictitious points that users can earn while reading FOIA and DECLAS contributions submitted to Project Apario. Use these earned points to make your splash and give back to those who need your talent and knowledge.

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Unwavering Faith & Love

Invented by an orphan from 🇷🇴 Romania adopted to 🇺🇸 America, Project Apario was single-handedly invented by one man who the US Dept of Education wanted to call 'mentally retarded' because of the orphanage and not assimilating to my name being changed on me at 3 years old, where his response to the 🏛️ National Archives making the JFK assassination 📃 records unsearchable was unacceptable. For God & Country 🇺🇸!

To better understand what we are up against...

The 🏛️ National Archives under President Trump released over 600,000 pages of declassified JFK assassination records in 2017, 2018 and 2022. They were unsearchable. Tens of thousands of flattened PDFs and a single 5MB Excel® file that contained extremely basic metadata. This was unacceptable. These records are owned by the public and should be easily accessibly by the public in their original authentic form. Shame on the 🏛️ National Archives for betraying the 🇺🇸 American people.

Take a look at why we built this app

What if YOU want to start digging into the 600,000 pages of declassified JFK assassination records. Where would you begin? Sure, you can go over to the 🏛️ National Archives site and download that 5MB Excel® spreadsheet. But... what if you wanted to search for "top secret" and "infiltrate"? Could you? The short answer is NO. Why? Because the feds decided to stiff you, that's why. It's also why Project Apario® was invented... because when just one meek who happened to also be a software engineer started asking these questions, technically speaking it was impossible... until Project Apario.

Reputation governs us

Reputation is our fictitious points system. Whenever you research FOIA and DECLAS you'll earn points. Your contributions will cost you points and your praise from your peers will earn you Reputation.

Authentic records

All PDFs on the platform are sourced directly from a .gov or .mil website. The original record is obtained, scanned with OCR, and then made accessible in full-text search. Since the OCR is only 71% accurate, we require a community of contributors who can help clean up the text. Your Reputation is what gives you permission to participate and your peers verify the quality of your contributions.

We really need you

Join a community of God fearing Patriotic community members who are united in a common purpose... disclosure. There are over 600,000 records from the JFK assassination records alone that have only 71% accuracy to their full text search capabilities. We need you to join and help us correct these records, earn Reputation, and be the change you seek. Paid memberships are optional, but they help you advance around the platform more efficiently.

Iron Sharpens Iron

We won't spoon feed opinion pieces or propaganda to you, instead the more you learn to use Project Apario® the smarter you'll become and the more independent your thinking will grow. It is the glory of God to conceal thing, but it is the glory of kings to search things out. This platform was built to help you towards those means. Together, through hard work, we can shine LIGHT into the DARKNESS and all lies shall be revealed.

You're one of the smartest people on the internet

It's hard not to flatter your intelligence when its so obvious, but Project Apario was built for the seeker within who digs for truth in places few have looked before. Project Apario is not in the business of curating content or providing opinion pieces for you. Our mission is simple. Provide you with an invaluable research utility while having dependable and accurate FOIA and DECLAS records.