Project Apario™

Project Apario™ is inspired by the latin word aperio which means to uncover, disclose, or reveal. Built in 2020, Project Apario™ was created because the National Archives released over 555,000 pages of the JFK Assassination Records in an unsearchable format that was extremely tedious to even begin uncovering the secrets the Government kept from the American people. Project Apario™ was created from scratch by andrei because after spending years in school researching Kennedy's assassination, when President Trump and President Biden declassified the records, they were of interest, yet the available mechanisms for conducting effective research against those declassified records was a mystery left unsolved, until Project Apario™.

Contact Information

Company Project Apario LLC
Founder Andrei
Phone Available upon request

Volunteer Opportunities

We are not looking for any new volunteers.

Investment Opportunities

If you become an Apario Member at $999.99/mo, Project Apario will add a link to of your choice (within reason) to the footer of every page on as a CORPORATE SPONSOR of the project. Link requirements include no tracking, campaign tagging, or intrusive spyware permitted. If your business name is Twitter, then your link will be and not etc.