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Our Long Term Funding Goals

We have turned down at least 2 large offerings to fund Project Apario based on the ethical standards to which we hold everyone at Project Apario accountable. It is core to the philosophy of Project Apario that it be a grassroots movement that is funded by many small monthly donors. Everyone at Project Apario works to better humanity and all Apario Members combined are who give Project Apario editorial independence. For this reason, we have turned down two funding opportunities. We would love to have you join the army of Apario Members as we shape the FOIA and DECLAS research processes going into the 21st century that is
created by We The People, owned by We The People, and made for We The People!




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Debunked Conspiracy Theories

DEBUNKED THEORY 1: Project Apario was not created by @andrei aka aravenwhocares on Telegram.
TRUTH Project Apario WAS created by Andrei starting in 2019 as "crowdsourcing declas", then rebranded in mid-2020 as PhoenixVault. After being deplatformed from social media sites including Patreon, GoFundMe, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube; the codebase received its final name "Project Apario" and was re-released July 1st 2021.:

DEBUNKED THEORY 2: Project Apario is funded by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
TRUTH Project Apario has never received funding, support, guidance, or any material or tangible goods or services from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) including from any of the other 16 intelligence agencies. It is a grassroots movement that was started by a disgrunted American-Romanian immigrant after the 2020 Election was stolen from the American people.:

DEBUNKED THEORY 3 The CIA killed President Kennedy:
TRUTH: The JFK assassination records that were released in 2017 and 2021 indicate that the Central Intelligence Agency was infiltrated by the KGB, aka the USSR, aka the Soviet Union, aka communists. When the agency was infiltrated, the US Government used the CIA's relationship with the media apparatuses in the United States to produce and distribute propaganda that would try to convince the American public that there was only 1 shooter to President Kennedy when in fact there were multiple. Additional to their being multiple shooters, the records that were made fully searchable by Project Apario show that other agencies were also compromised and these compromised agencies allowed communist terrorist cells to be created domestically in the country. Around the same time, the CIA was involved in The Finders and possibly The Clown and the Candyman. The TRUTH is, the CIA while it was infilitrated by the KGB was responsible for attempting to start a race war in the United States and setup blackmail networks that would utilize murder and child abuse as a means to establish a One World Government. The truth is inside of Project Apario. Nobody is going to spoon feed this truth to you since it will require you to think in new ways because you have new information. The communist leaders worldwide all knew that President Kennedy was going to be assassinated and the British Secret Police services reached out to the American Secret Service to warn them of Kennedy's assassination fifteen minutes before the first shot was fired. Why didn't anybody do anything to stop the killing? What was the bigger picture that was going on globally that really only started after Kennedy was killed, and perhaps one day we can look at old questions with fresh eyes and have the courage and wisdom to learn from the information buried within the TOP SECRET congressional transcripts that the US Government spent decades after DECLAS hiding from you, the American people. What were they hiding? The truth is inside.




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