GDPR is a European law that forces websites to jump through certain hoops in order to appease this unelected group of bureaucrats at the European Union. Fortunately, Project Apario is located in the United States and operates exclusively for the United States, so it is declining to comply with this totalitarian law. We care deeply about Data Privacy and as such, no amount of appeasments that other organizations do to let you access/download your data doesn't defend from the fact that 90% of websites on the internet use Amazon, Google, Microsoft, or Oracle for their cloud solutions. Project Apario™ uses NONE of those providers, even through our internal back-end systems that provide company support and inter-department operations.

However, that does not mean that Project Apario does not respect or care about your privacy. Please read our full Privacy Policy if you wish to learn how Project Apario uses your personal information. If you wish to have your account deleted, you may do so by clicking on the Settings button at the top when signed in. If you want a copy of your data, you can request it, but since Project Apario™ is a very small organization with very limited resources, your request will be put into a pending list and when the functionality is developed to provide a data-export of your data, then you will be notified when you can download your archive. In reality, GDPR was not about protecting your data privacy online, but more designed to stamp out entrepeneur and industry shaking technologies with process complex requirements that add a significant layer of data management complexity and accountability that cost organizations millions of dollars to comply with.

Therefore, as a consequence of this statement, Project Apario™ should not be used by any person in the European Union. Project Apario™ should not be used by any person in California either. These totalitarian and near communist regimes are using data privacy policy to censor competition in the social media space. If you are in one of these restricted regions where permission to use Project Apario™ has been restricted by this policy due to GDPR laws that you agree to comply with by using the service by leaving Project Apario™ immediately. If you violate the order to cease and disest from using Project Apario™ while in a GDPR enforceable region, you forfeit your rights under GDPR since you are in direct violation of these terms of GDPR.