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Project Apario™ is a website that is geared towards helping you out. To ensure the highest quality of service to all of our users, we require everyone agree to the following rules:

  • Bot accounts are not permitted under any condition, including search engine crawler bots.
  • Only one account per unique individual that belongs exclusively to said individual.
  • We do not engage in ideological censorship, however we do not permit the use of language that is not appropriate for children. Such language will be suppressed from immediate viewership. Individuals who wish to see such content must manually choose to see it.
  • Under no circumstances shall Project Apario™ tolerate any cyber terrorism, hacking, cracking, phishing, spoofing, social engineering, harassment, incitement of violence, language that depicts graphic violence or sexuality, sexual preference or gender identity.
  • Under no circumstances shall you use Project Apario™ to facilitate or enables harm or intent to harm of another individual including physically, mentally, sexually, or virtually.
  • We do not permit email addresses that use custom modifiers such as +1, example: We will parse that as
  • Spamming is prohibited and behavior that mimics or appears to be spamming will result in permanent removal from the service. No such refunds shall be issued for any accounts who violate any of our agreements.

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