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The cursive text that is upside down reads:

"yet, called Collins to come up to OD/OP/Sec to discuss, but he wasn't there. Brewer says cannot give info out if is possibly going to be passed on. If high level, male involved in possibly info, Col Edwards office will have to give it out - Collins called Brewer and they made some arrangement.

1 Sept Brewer, Collins, and I talked over case. Brewer told Collins that House files don't contain particularly damaging info. It is in other files tho and Brewer refused to disclose info to Collins. Said that any contact with Ford Foundation need be made by high level CIA Man (Ed Peradon) and that Collins (clearly) could not tell Ford Foundation any thing about subj - Collins agreed to this and case is considered closed

3 Nov 1951 7 Nov 51 Memo from OD/IP advising that under no circumstances should subject be contacted with regard to possible use by this agency prior to receiving a final security determination by this office. Copy to FG-1 Collins"

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