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Your Project Apario account lets you become an Apario Member, review your seen content in the network, perform basic searches, and contribute to community timelines that chronologically index the records inside the archive. You should upgrade your account by becoming an Apario Member. By doing so, you want to see a decentralized desktop and mobile version of Project Apario to be built that will capable of hosting an indefinite amount of information. Currently our archives focus on the declassified JFK Assassination Records, Somebody's Deleted Emails (Obtained via FOIA), Congressional Transcripts of Russiagate Investigation, UFOs, and much more. Your membership will enable us to expand our capacity limitations to incorporate the Nazi War Crimes and STARGATE files. These archives are rarely seen and are a perfect candidate for you to try your luck out with Apario Quizzes and StumbleInto! The service has fictitious points called Reputation that are earned with every single page you read in the network. In order to earn Reputation, you must be signed into your Apario account below. Welcome home.

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