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Create a FREE account on Project Apario so you can review your seen content in the network, perform basic searches, and contribute to community timelines that chronologically index the records inside the archive. Currently our archives focus on the declassified JFK Assassination Records, Somebody's Deleted Emails (Obtained via FOIA), Congressional Transcripts of Russiagate Investigation, UFOs, and much more. Every record published on Project Apario has been released under FOIA and other official disclosure programs via the United States Government, European Union, and The United Federation of Planets whatever happened at Roswell, NM. The service has fictitious points called Reputation that are earned with every single page you read in the network. In order to earn Reputation, you must create a free account below.

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Project Apario is a community driven OSINT research utility that is powered by a gamified social media decentralized application custom engineered. Reputation is the points ranking system used inside the Apario Network and you earn Reputation by using StumbleInto™ or proposing modifications or enhancements to records that get publicly voted on by Apario Members. Reputation is key to public accountability. Top Researchers will have highest levels of Reputation.
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